Tips for Packing and Moving Your House Plants

Traveling with Plants

Your house plants live and breathe just like you, so they require special care, especially during a big move. Before you pack your plants in the moving truck, there is some prep work that needs to be done so that your plants will arrive in their best condition.

Here are some tips and tricks for traveling with your house plants. 

Traveling with Your House Plant 

We know you work hard to keep your plants healthy and alive. That’s why we want to make the moving process as easy as possible. The first step is to consider the traveling regulations for your plant. Did you know that some states have legal restrictions on the type of plants that can grow? Before your moving day, it’s important to look at the state’s growing conditions and guidelines, so if you can’t take your plant, you can leave it in good hands. 

Learn About State Guidelines and Growing Conditions 

If you’re moving to a new state and you’re unfamiliar with their guidelines regarding plants, The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has rules about plant shipment. The USDA created this set of rules to help minimize the spread of insects, diseases, and pests that some plants may carry.  

After reviewing your state’s guidelines, it’s now time to consider the growing conditions. Some house plants need certain living conditions to flourish. If you’re moving to an area with a different climate than where you currently live, it may be worth reconsidering bringing certain plants. Research the climate your plant needs and move forward from there. 

Options for Moving Your Plants

Most plant owners would consider transporting plants the hardest part of the moving process. However, it’s a simple process when researched and prepared correctly. There are three popular options to ship your plants to your new home—by car, by air, or through the mail. 

Ship Your Plants by Car or Truck

The car is probably your best way to travel with your plants if you’re looking for a quick way to ship your plants. When you ship your plant by car, you can check on them throughout the ride and provide direct sunlight and water when needed. Also, you won’t have to worry about your plant experiencing extreme temperatures or a lack of airflow during their journey. 

However, tending to your plant throughout the ride can be challenging. Especially if you plan on staying overnight along the way, if you’re working with an experienced moving team, don’t hesitate to ask for their professional opinion on shipping house plants.

Shipping by Air 

If you’re traveling a long distance, you can also ship your plant by air. Usually, this process can be a little more expensive, and there are typically size restrictions on your plant. When you ship your plant by land or air, you also don’t have as much control on the travel conditions as you would working with a professional moving team, or traveling with it in your car. 

Preparing Your Plants for Travel 

Before traveling, spend some time preparing your plants. If your plants are in a decorative pot, consider switching to a plastic container for the move. This way, you can wrap the pots so that they don’t break. 

Now is also an appropriate time to check for any unwanted items traveling with your plants like bugs or dead leaves. To check for bugs yourself, you can place a flea collar at the base of the pot to deter any bugs currently living in your plant. 

Lastly, before you travel, don’t forget to water your plants. Preferably two or three days before your scheduled moving date. Because your plant will be moving in various conditions, it’s important to keep the soil moist while traveling. 

How Do You Pack Your Plant? 

After you finish wrapping the plant’s pots, you can focus on packing your plant. One of the easiest ways to pack your plant, while keeping it standing upright, is by packing it in an open box. You can cushion the box with bubble wrap and newspapers to secure your plant in place.

To keep the soil contained, try placing a plastic bag over the temporary pot. Finally, make sure you poke holes in the box for airflow and label it, so your movers are gentle with the box once you arrive at your destination. 

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