Tips for Moving in Nasty Weather

Rainy DayHurricane Florence is en route to the East Coast, and our area is likely to see some serious wind and rainfall by the end of the week. This got us thinking about some of the worst storms we’ve had to contend with in the past. Moving on rainy days is always a challenge, but bad weather doesn’t necessarily have to derail your moving schedule. Although you probably won’t be going anywhere during a hurricane, moving during less-severe rainstorms is actually quite feasible. All it takes is a little extra preparation.

Trash Bags are Your Friends

Your first priority when moving on a rainy day should be to keep your possessions dry. While some items can be protected by cardboard boxes sealed with packing tape, others may not fit so easily into boxes. Wrapping these items in heavy-duty trash bags offers an easy, effective way to keep things like wall art and small pieces of furniture dry. Just be sure to load them into your car or truck carefully so that they aren’t damaged in transit.

Prepare Your New Home in Advance

Before the movers arrive at your new home, lay down heavy towels and moving blankets to protect sensitive flooring from wet or muddy shoes. While you’re at it, keep some spare towels by the front door so that everyone can dry off as they come inside as well.

Dress Appropriately

In addition to protecting your belongings during the move, it’s important to keep yourself safe and dry as well. Dress in layers with a light waterproof outer layer to avoid getting waterlogged while you’re moving. If you get too warm, just remove one of your inner layers and you’ll be ready to get back to work. It’s also a good idea to wear non-slip shoes with plenty of support to prevent injuries while moving heavy objects. A sprained ankle is the last thing you need in the middle of a big move.

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