How to Stay Organized in Your New Home

Unpacking With DogWhen you first move into a new home, the prospect of unpacking all your belongings can seem downright overwhelming. Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, you can keep things neat and organized throughout the unpacking process. Check out a few of our favorite organizational tips below!

Label boxes clearly before moving.

If your goal is to get settled into your new home as quickly as you can, you can start by clearly labeling each box when you start packing up your old home. Be sure to mark each box with its contents and the room it belongs in. This way, you can get all your belongings situated in their respective places before you start opening boxes.

Work on unpacking one room at a time.

Rather than trying to unpack everything at once, commit to working on one room at a time. Start with the most important rooms, like your kitchen and bedrooms, and work your way into other rooms once they’re finished. This will make the task feel more manageable and keep you focused as you unpack.

Find a place for everything.

When you have a million and one things to unpack, you might start putting things wherever you can find a spot for them instead of carefully considering where each of your belongings should go. Do your best to resist this urge, and try to find a designated place for each item so that you can find it later. If you can’t find a place for something, consider donating it, putting it in storage or selling it in a yard sale!

Don’t rush!

We get it. You want to unpack fast so you can start enjoying your new home as soon as possible. But if you rush the process, you might have trouble staying organized and ultimately make unpacking far more stressful and time consuming.

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