How to Make Your Next Move Easier on the Kids

Moving With KidsMoving can be stressful for anyone, but it tends to be especially difficult for young children. If your son or daughter has spent most of their life living in your current home, they may have trouble adjusting to the idea of packing up their belongings and moving to a new home in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Fortunately, with patience and preparation, you can make the moving process a little easier on the kiddos.

Give Them Plenty of Notice

Don’t wait until you’ve signed a contract on a home to let your kids know that you’re moving. Instead, give them a heads-up as soon as you start looking around for a new place to live. There will probably be some tears at first, but it will be much easier in the long run if your child has time to process the news and get used to the idea of moving.

Let Them Lend a Hand

Kids don’t like to feel like they’re being left out of important family decisions. Let them tag along on house hunting trips and offer input on what they’d like in a new home. This way, they won’t feel like their feelings are being ignored or disregarded. They may even start to see the move as an exciting adventure rather than a dreaded change they can’t control.

Give Them a Space to Call Their Own

Children will typically feel much more at-ease in a new home if they have a familiar space to retreat to after a long day of moving. Let them choose the paint color and decorations for their new room, and help them arrange furniture and other belongings in a way that makes them feel cozy and comfortable. They might still miss their old home, but you can bet they’ll be excited to have the opportunity to decorate their new room.

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