Helpful Tips for Moving With Pets

Helpful Tips for Moving With PetsIf you’re preparing to move with pets, you may be wondering how to transport them to their new home without causing unnecessary stress and discomfort. Animals are sensitive to change, and the moving process can make some pets nervous and confused. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to make the move a little easier on your animal companions.

Pack all your pet’s things in one box.

During your move, you’re going to need to find things for your pet quickly. From food and toys to medical supplies and grooming tools, you want to make sure everything is in one place. On the day of your move, pack up all your pet’s things in one box and label it clearly. This way, you can help them settle in quickly and feel a little more at home when you reach your destination.

Keep pets away from high-traffic areas.

When you’re moving furniture and heavy boxes, pets have a tendency to get in the way. This can constitute a safety hazard, both for you and your pets. During the move, confine your pets to a safe space where they’ll be out of harm’s way. Be sure to give them a few of their favorite toys so they can keep themselves occupied as well.

Stay with your pet while introducing them to their new home.

Chances are, your pet is even more nervous about this move than you are. Animals don’t always understand what’s going on during a move, and many of them exhibit signs of stress as a result. When you arrive at your new home with your pet, stay by their side to demonstrate that everything is going to be okay. It probably won’t take them too long to warm up to the new space, but at first they’ll need a little comfort and reassurance from their humans.

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