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Why Moving Can Be Good for You

Moving somewhere new is scary. Everything is strange and unfamiliar; you’re leaving most, if not all, of your friends and family behind; the move itself is always stressful; it can be lonely. While those things may be true about moving to a new place, it doesn’t mean it’s not exciting! Chances are, for every reason you think you shouldn’t move, there’s a better reason why you should. That’s why you’re doing it in the first place, right? Let’s look at some of the benefits moving somewhere new can have on your life.

Why Moving Can Be Good for You

Improve your mental health

Initially it might seem like moving to a new city or new environment would have a negative impact on your mentality. After all, you’re abandoning everything and everyone that felt like home, which is probably leaving you feeling isolated, and maybe a little terrified. But those feelings will dissipate, and you’ll soon realize that giving yourself a fresh start was the best thing you could’ve done.

Moving to a new place is the perfect way to get out of your old rut and stimulate your mind. You’ll challenge yourself and, more than likely, have to leave your comfort zone to make new friends and discover new places. Again, while scary at first, you’ll start to find yourself feeling invigorated! It’ll give you a chance to get in-tune with yourself, reflect on where you’re at mentally, and reevaluate your goals and how to reach them.

Meeting new people and trying new things is exciting; sometimes you just have to push yourself to do it. Settling somewhere unfamiliar is a giant leap into the deep end but we promise the water is going to feel so good, and you’ll emerge feeling refreshed and ready to go!

 A chance to declutter

Having to pack up everything you own is the perfect excuse to open the dreaded junk drawer and get rid of the stuff you never use. You could make a little extra cash with a yard sale or donate it somewhere and feel good about yourself! Either way, moving gives you a chance to reorganize and regroup. A new home offers a new space to work with—maybe you needed more room, or maybe you needed to downsize.

If you organize yourself from the start, it will be way easier to keep things clean when life gets busy— and help you avoid the dreaded bedroom chair that somehow turns into an extra laundry hamper (come on, we all have one). You even have a guilt-free way to justify a trip to Target or Pier Imports (depending on your budget) to redecorate! We promise, no one here is judging you.

Not sure where to start the chaotic reorganization process? Check out some tips we’ve come up with to help you get started!

Explore brand new opportunities

When you move, everything is new. You may have established a routine and bookmarked your favorite places in your old town, but now you have to explore all over again! A foreign place offers new restaurants, bars, museums, places to shop, fun activities, parks and so much more. It’s a shiny new culture ripe for you to delve right into.

Your new neighborhood may have better schools for your children—or your future family—and better job opportunities to enhance and evolve your career. There’s a whole new pool of people to befriend and get to know. Who knows, maybe your soulmate is sitting in the new bar you’re looking to try. You’ll never know unless you get out there and look! Take advantage of the freedom and possibilities that await you in uncharted territory.

The idea of moving is often intimidating, but don’t let that fool you. The benefits are life-changing remarkable! Focus on the promising prospects that lie ahead and don’t get caught up in the stress of the move. Give All Awesome Movers a call so we can make the moving process as painless and exciting as possible!

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